Unlimited iflix forUniFiStreamyx customers year 2017

Unlimited iflix forUniFiStreamyx customers year 2017.

Unlimited iflix forUniFiStreamyx customers year 2017

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Unlimited iflix forUniFiStreamyx customers year 2017 to add more value to its subscribers, TM had earlier introduced unlimited iflix subscription to all UniFi and Streamyx (4Mbps & 8Mbps) customers for 12 months. The subscription gives you unlimited access to TV shows and Movies for 12 months worth RM96.

If you are currently enjoying the service, you’ll be happy to know that TM and iflix have extended their partnership. This gives everyone another year of access until 31 December 2017. While TM’s HyppTV service provides live TV entertainment over broadband, the complementary iflix access offers additional on-demand entertainment on your mobile devices, desktop browser and TV via Chromecast.

iflix was launched in mid-2015 and currently, they cover Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Maldives and Pakistan. A monthly paid subscription costs RM10/month while an annual subscription can be yours at RM96/year.

If you haven’t tried iflix yet, just download the app or visit iflix.com while you’re connected to TM’s UniFi and Streamyx network. You’ll be prompt to create an iflix account and then you’ll be granted unlimited access until the end of the year. Take note that iflix supports up to 5 devices per subscription and you can also download your shows on your mobile device for offline viewing.

Unlimited iflix forUniFiStreamyx customers year 2017. How does iflix work?
Step 1
Connect your device to your UniFi WiFi connection

Step 2
Download the iflix app (Android/iOS) or view it on your desktop browser

Step 3
Launch iflix and enjoy!

Unlimited iflix forUniFiStreamyx customers year 2017. The iflix service will allow access for up to five devices per account and it supports up to two devices to stream concurrently. After your device is “registered”, you are still able to watch it on your mobile device on 4G or on other available WiFi connection. Want to watch iflix on the big screen? You can get yourself a Google Chromecast that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port.
Unlimited iflix forUniFiStreamyx customers year 2017

There’s also offline viewing for those on Android and iOS devices, making this perfect for in-flight entertainment. However, it’s limited to 10 titles, movies or TV shows in any combination and it’ll live on your tablet/smartphone for seven days.

Currently, this special “promo” only applies for UniFi household customers but TM has been quoted to roll-out the same perks for Streamyx customers on 4Mbps and 8Mbps lines at a later date. Those on UniFi BIZ plans, sorry, you’re out of luck.

From what we gather, the free service is rolling out in stages, though most of us have managed to gain access in on our laptop and mobile phones. If you’re still unable to access iflix on your UniFi network, it might take awhile. In the scenario that you’re still prompted to login, an alternative method would be removing the iflix app and reinstalling it again on your mobile device.

It is a little patchy as we still couldn’t get iflix to work on our Mi Pad and an iPhone 6. Good luck with all your binge watching, make sure it doesn’t affect your productivity.

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