TM ThankYouSurprise

TM ThankYouSurprise.

TM ThankYouSurprise

Please complete the form to discover your surprise.

Whether you are a UniFi, Streamyx or TM Homeline subscriber, there is a surprise for you!
1. What is ‘Thank You Surprise’ campaign?
– ‘Thank You Surprise’ is an appreciation campaign for all TM loyal customers from the residential segment who have subscribed to TM services by 28 February 2017.
– This campaign is part of TM’s initative under Broadband Improvement Plan in conjuction with the Prime Minister’s announcement during Budget 2017 recently.
2. Who is eligible for ‘Thank You Surprise’ campaign?
– All TM Homeline, Streamyx and UniFi customers from residential segment who subscribed to TM services by 28 February are eligible for a ‘Thank You Surprise’.
3. What will customer get under this ‘Thank You Surprise’ campaign?
– To know what are the surprises, customers may check at starting from 16th January 2017.
– Customer is required to fill up the following details:
i. TM Homeline No
ii. IC/Army No/Pasport
iii. Mobile No
iv. E-mail address
4. How will TM inform customers on the ‘Thank You Surprise’?
– Customers will be informed via e-mail (primary e-mail) or SMS starting from 16th January 2017.
5. If customers are subscribing to multiple TM Homeline/Streamyx/UniFi service, will TM give surpises to all of the services?
– Yes, all services are eligible.
6. How long will customers enjoy the surprise?
– The validity period of each surprise is indicated in the website.
7. What should customers do if they don’t get any e-mail/SMS from TM? Will TM re-send the e-mail or SMS?
– Customers who have not received any emails or any communication from TM by February 2017 are encouraged to check their Spam / Junk Mail folders to ensure that the email is not automatically routed to these folders.
– TM will not be sending a new e-mail or SMS.
8. Where can customers enquire to get further info on the ‘Thank You Surprise’?
– Customers can contact us via the following channels:
i. @TMConnects on Twitter (
ii. EveryoneConnects on Facebook (
iii. TM Live Chat
iv. Nearest TMPoint
v. E-mail us at [email protected]
vi. Call 100
9. What information is available in the website?
– Customers may view current package and surprise options.
10. Can customers decline the ‘Thank You Surprise’?
– Customers may decline the surprise offer from the website not later than 31 January 2017. Upon declining the offer, customers will be unable to enjoy the surprise again.
11. If customers can’t check their surprise via website, what should they do?
– Customers are advised to contact TM live agent from the website for further assistance.
Please complete the form to discover your surprise.

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